Fabric Silkscreens

P.O.W. !! (Prisoner of War)


The history of sexual violence against Asian women is one in the many notches that American Imperialism carved out in World War II - starting with also using comfort women (such as Japan did) and ending in trophy wives who were brought back to America, prized for her "obedient, submissive manner." This is apparent in media such as M.A.S.H. where an Asian women is depicted as a prostitute with only the lines "me love you long time" - and thus to this day our sexuality has been overlaid with historical ravaging and militaristic force. This silkscreen print seeks to use a democratized visual language such as both Eastern and Western comic books to portray an often forgotten violence under the veil of sexiness and heroic fun.

Silkscreen on Fabric (36"x108")