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Product Design

During the second pilot launch of CEO Fellows, a startup dedicated to helping young rising leaders still in University to learn the right team-building and soft skills required to succeed in a management workplace, I took the initiative to re-design the website so that it would be a more informative and easy to navigate. The idea of the landing page was to form a narrative, something that could be easy to scroll through but still have a resounding call to action for restless students. Beyond these few design stills, multiple different states were also designed for input and errors, and also to account of responsiveness and mobile. These ideas were iterated through closely with the team and implemented through HackCVille, UVA.

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From that point on, I joined the team and started working part time remotely during school to help redesign the whole internal platform to make it a better experience for both students and companies. with an exponentially increasing user base every few months, my responsibilities encompassed envisioning how the product will come to life both as an experience and as a visual journey. As the product is geared for younger users, it's been an important role to balance the development capabilities of the team, work with outsourcing, and design around potential data points that will be useful to have in the future all the while making the designs feel like a personal narrative. Due to signing an NDA - I am not able to showcase the designs but would be happy to talk more about the process upon request.